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Social Justice Books for Young Children, Part 2

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As a full-time-working mother of an infant and a three-year-old who is still laboring over the marriage dissolution/divorce process and now trying to sell my home, I have partially written many essays in my head, but put none down on paper. Therefore, this blog has been silent since December 2016, and has been dedicated mostly to pregnancy and birth for the past 4 years.

But today, the New York Times published a piece that began when its author, Ruth La Ferla, contacted me after finding my “Social Justice Booklist for Babies and Toddlers.” She told that me of the countless social justice-related booklists for children, it was the only one she had found that was dedicated to infants and toddlers (I hadn’t found one either, which is why I wrote it). She then went on to connect to other parents, bookstores, and publishers, and to write the article below:



I’m happy to be a part of the article, happy that through the process of trying to connect her to other parents I found the Facebook group “Books for Littles,” run by a mama named Ashia Ray (who also has a website and children’s book blog with very extensive and thoughtful book curation), happy for ideas to add to my ongoing child book wishlist, and happy — due to the link NYT reporter Ruth La Ferla included in her article that might drive new traffic to my blog — to be prompted to consider writing again. Well, consider isn’t the right word. I consider it often, but usually put dishes or paperwork or sleep or work first in any moment when the children are asleep or not with me. So, perhaps I will write one of the essays I am always composing in my head about racism, whiteness, parenting, political discourse, empathy, values, maternal child health, and more.

For now, here we are, little family, making it by and sometimes getting out into the mountains here in Alaska:


Photo credit: Desiré Shepler


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